On 5th January 2017, the 3rd case of imported human H7N9 avian flu was reported  in Hong Kong. This case involves a 62 year old man being infected after being said to have visited Zengcheng, Guangzhou. He have discharged himself from the hospital even though it was against the advice from the doctors. After travelling back to Hong Kong on 3rd Jan, he was hospitalised on the same day and on 5th Jan, his condition worsened and has been transferred to the  intensive care unit. This is the 3rd case being reported in Hong Kong throughout this season.

Earlier this morning (11th Jan 2017), a 10 year old boy has been reported to have contracted  H7N9. According to the article, it shows that  the boy and his family have been travelling to Foshan, Guangdong province to visit on of their family members there who have kept a few live chickens. They denied any kind of contact with the chickens even when they visited a market as they did not visit the poultry section in the market.  He has been known for good health conditions and have developed conditions like fever, cough and have vomited after returning from the trip. When he was admitted in the hospital, his condition stablised but after he was discharged, on the same day, he was reported to have been isolated and re admitted into the hospital. This marks the 4th imported human case in Hong Kong in this season.

For the past few blog post, we have seen the updates on this virus in different areas around the world, in the next blog post, we will look into the evolution of H7N9 virus.


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