In a recent article on 19th December on Outbreak News Today, it shows that there is a “first imported human case of H7N9 in Hong Kong this winter”. The patient did not confirm that he came into contact with poultry or wet market at first. However  in the subsequent test especially when testing on the nasopharyngeal sample, it tested positive for the H7N9 virus even though at first, it showed negative. This is the very first case of H7N9 in Hong Kong during this winter season.

Also in Guangdong, it has also reported the first human case of H7N9 case this year winter. Other than H7N9, H5N6 cases were being reported as well which could be found in the feces of birds. Research has also shown that especially during winter, there would be an increase of avian influenza viruses.

The article concludes by informing the reader on the precaution that they should take for example, avoiding any kind of contact with poultry and also a reminder that if the personnel is sick after coming into contact with poultry, they should seek the doctor’s consultation as soon as possible.


  1. News Desk (2016). Hong Kong: Imported human case of H7N9 avian influenza reported ,Outbreak News Today, 19th December, retrieved on 25th December 2016 from <;

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