In a news article in Outbreak News Today, it states that there is an increase in the number of H7N9 avian flu in mainland China. The cases being reported shows that out of the 5 patients, 4 patients had contact with poultry markets and all 5 of them are in serious conditions.

In the article, it restated that the main form of transmission is through chickens and ducks or in general, poultry. Clinical symptoms also include conjunctivitis, flu-like symptoms or chest irritation. In serious conditions, it may cause failure to the respiratory system, organs and the worst case resulting in death.

It also states that the easiest way of transmission is when in contact with infected poultry and that human to human transmission is still rare. However, elderly, young  children and people with chronic illness may develop complications that may add on to contracting avian flu.


  1. H7N9 avian influenza: More cases reported on mainland China(2016), Outbreak News Today (13th December), retrieved 22th December from <;

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