This will be a summary of a News article that has been published pertaining a discovery of a  new lab test to detect avian flu virus.

Research has shown that there is a new way to detect bird flu virus!

Some strains of the avian bird flu disease are deadly to humans for example the H7N9 strain! The study conducted in India has shown that the virus can be detected from samples in the wild and also from water bodies. (this gives us more information on where the strain might have come from and which form of origin it came from.)

The experiments were being used to test the concentration of the virus from the various water bodies ranging from fresh water specimens to salt sea water. Even though this method has not been fully known to the public yet, this new method of testing is known to be “novel, sensitive, user-friendly and cost-effective method” as compared to the past method of testing of water bodies which might be infected with the avian flu virus. As stated in the first post, this strain of avian flu can be transmitted from poultry to human, in this study especially, it was tested that water is one of the main way of transmission and that is one of the method that the strain will be able to be retained and kept alive for a long time. Thus with the use of this new method, avian flu found in water bodies can be detected much easily and this will contain the spread of the disease.


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One thought on “New lab test found!

  1. This sounds really efficient! Hopefully, this new method can help reduce the number of cases and outbreaks, or at least, to help prevent more deaths with earlier diagnosis. Great article!


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